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Sold4U Auctions® Bidding Instructions

Once you have registered with Sold4U Auctions you will be able to bid on any of our auctions. There are some key terms and information you should know before bidding - especially if you've previously used another online auction site like eBay. We're not eBay, and our auction process is different from theirs in many respects.

Auction Sites

Our auctions are all local auctions, with a physical auction house that you can visit and inspect any item prior to bidding. This is important for a few reasons:


When our auctions are running, each item has a box next to it with a button labeled "Bid".

  1. Enter whole dollar amounts only. All bids must be in $1 increments.
  2. Do not include the .00 or the $ symbol. If you want to enter a bid of $50, type "50" (without the quotes) into the bid box.
  3. Double-check the amount. If you want to bid $50, make sure you haven't accidentally entered $500!
  4. Click the "Bid" button.
  5. After confirming your bid, your bid will be entered.

Proxy Bidding

In this respect we're similar to eBay. "Proxy bidding" means that you enter your maximum bid, and we'll automatically bid for you up to that amount. For example:

Throughout the example above, Greg never had to touch his account - the system kept bidding on his behalf, up to his maximum bid of $80. Had the auction closed after Jane's bid, Greg would've won the auction for $55.

Many people don't put in their maximum bid right away because they believe they'll "snipe" an auction at the last minute - but our system is designed to prevent that from happening, as you'll see in the next section. Again, we get at least one person per sale complaining that they missed the end of the auction - don't be that bidder! Put in your maximum bid, and let our system handle it for you.

Anti-Sniping Measures ("Soft Close")

Our auctions all use a feature called "soft close". This means that they will end at the posted time, provided there are no last-minute bids. We'll give you two examples.

This is exactly what we'd expect. But watch what happens when another bidder tries to "snipe" the fishing rod:

The bottom line is that you can't "snipe" our auctions like you can on eBay. This is good for both the bidders and the sellers, and makes our online auction much more like an in-person auction. That being said, we get at least one bidder per sale wondering why their sniping attempts didn't work - don't be that bidder!

I placed a bid, now what do I do?

Now that you have registered and placed a bid, you may be wondering what you should do next. This is an online auction so other people are also looking to get a good deal and may out bid you. If you have not entered a maximum bid you may want to consider this option. The auction software will then automatically place a bid for you if another bidder bids on the same item below you maximum bid. You can also register to be on our mailing list to make sure you are up to date on all upcoming auctions. You may also want to look around your house and or business and sell something yourself.

What happens if I am out bid?

If you are outbid on an item or items, Sold4uAuctions.Com will notify you via your registered email address. You can then log on to Sold4uAuctions.Com, browse to your item and place another bid if you choose. Another option is to place a maximum bid. The auction software will then automatically place a bid for you if another bidder bids on the same item below you maximum bid.

Can I cancel my bid?

The only reason in which you may cancel your bid is if you accidently added extra digits to your bid. For example if you wanted to bid $50 and you accidently put a bid in for $500. However, if the item has a market value equal or greater to your bid Sold4uAuctions.com reserves the right to hold your bid as binding. You cannot cancel your bid for changing your mind. This is an auction and once you hold the paddle up or in this case clicked your button, you have placed a bid. Please review all your bids carefully.

Ok I won an item, what do I do now?

Now that you have won an item or items Sold4uAuctions.Com will send you an invoice with your total bill. You will also be instructed how to pay for your items, pick up location and times and forms of payment accepted. You can also view our web site for other auctions. Sold4uAuctions.Com will have at least one auction ongoing per month.

Can I pay by credit card?

Sold4uAuctions.Com accepts credit cards, PayPal, cash, local checks. To sign up for PayPal please visit www.paypal.com it is quick and easy and can be linked to your credit cards or bank accounts. All PayPal and Credit card payments will be charged an extra 3% processing fee.

I live out of state, can I still bid?

Sold4uAuctions.Com has no policy against out-of-state bidders bidding on our auctions, but all items must be paid for and picked up at the appropriate auction house. If you live out of state, it is up to you to arrange for your items to be picked up. All out of state bidders will need to pay via cash (upon pickup), or via credit card - Sold4U Auctions does not accept out-of-state checks.

Can I return my item ?

In most cases the answer is "no", just as you can't return an item at a live auction either. EVERYTHING, and we mean EVERYTHING, in each sale is sold as-is, where-is. We post pictures on our website, but it is ultimately up to you to come and look at the item PRIOR to bidding. We take consignments and don't have the time to look at and test every item that we get. If you cannot come here and look at the item yourself please call the auction house and someone will be happy to do it for you.
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