New Year Special: AmericanTactical AR-15 Omni Hybrid Maxx 223/5.56

$450.00 out the Door! Limited Supply!

We Buy Guns and Estates for Cash! Call and ask for Eugene!

SELLERS: please be aware that payroll checks for consigned items will not be mailed unless and/or until "no sale" items and previous orders are picked up from the store.  We simply do not have room to store them. If No Sales are left here we will charge a minimum of $5.00 for disposal. Our staff will not re-list your items that did not sell nor will they dig through the dumpster to retrieve any disposed items.

We Ship and Mail anywhere-give us a call Tuesday MORNING following the auction to request shipping! 715-503-1301 - There is an additional $2.00 handling fee added to the shipping cost.We use Spee-Dee Delivery, USPS, & UPS.   (it is your responsibility to make sure that we have the correct address on file)

Calendar for Jan. & Feb. 2018

Auction Dates: Jan. 18-22, Feb. 1-5, Feb. 15-19

Pick-up Dates: Jan. 23-24, Feb. 6-7, Feb. 20-21

Consignment Dates: Jan. 25-26, Feb. 8-9, Feb. 22-23


Checks need to be PAYABLE to GAUGER VENTURES, PO Box 242    Loyal, WI 54446      

*Per Item Total % Self Entries- Per Item Total %
$1.00-$499.00 25% $1.00-$499.00 20%
$500.00-&999.00 15%
$1000.00-$2999.00 10%
$3000.00 and up
5% $3000.00 and up 5%
Advertising fee ***
***This is a flat fee, bring 1 item-the Ad Fee is $5.00,bring 100 items-the Ad Fee is $5.00. No Sale Fee's  


             You can 'protect' (place a reserve) any item of value of $100.00 or more.  If you place a reserve on an item from $100.00-$1,499.00 the fee for the item not selling is $10.00.  If you place a reserve on an item from $1,500.00 + ...the fee for the item not selling is   $20.00.                         .

No Sale Fee**$2.50 for each lot.  **For Self-Entries: You get 4 Free No Sales per 50 items.($2.50 fee will be applied after allotted limit).Look at the chart below for No Sale Charges for Self-Entries ONLY.
Self Entries ONLY Items Per Auction                 #of Free No Sales Per Auction  
1-50 4
51-100 8
101-150 12
151-200 16
201-250 20
251-300 24
*We reserve the right to charge higher for customers who expect us to write their descriptions and tag their items.

 There is a 13% buyers Fee on ALL Sales (3% DISCOUNT FOR CASH) if paid by the following Thursday after auction close. 

Items are subject to change without notice

ATTN: ALL GUNS MUST BE REGISTERED!  Guns are registered here at the Store!

$10.00 LONG      $23.00 HAND


Mon-Fri 9-6 and Sat 10-3 closed on Sundays.

Register Online NOW!!

ONLINE Bidding ONLY-Feel free to stop on in & bid (we enter it on the computer)

CASH Preferred form of payment

PayPal & Credit Cards accepted

 Gauger Ventures LLC is Independently owned and operated.

Located at:  506 N Main St.

                                              Loyal, WI 54446

Norma Gauger Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #2757-52   Gauger Ventures L.L.C. #445-53

***All items are sold AS-IS- HOWEVER-- IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INSPECT PRIOR TO BIDDING (THE AUCTIONS RUN EVERY OTHER THURSDAY-MONDAY).  Buyers, we are open 6 days a week for viewing, you also can call us at 715-503-1301 to have us inspect an item...we will do our best to give an accurate description, we are not able to authenticate sport cards, if we can tell they are a reproduction we will tell you.

*** With this being said:  SELLERS-if an item doesn't work or it's broke and the buyer comes to pick it up on Tuesday or Wednesday (immediately following the auction ending) they CAN return the items(by that Wednesday) .....WE WANT TO SELL ITEMS THAT ARE HONEST>>>>meaning>>>> THAT IF IT DOESN'T WORK or YOU DON'T  KNOW IF IT WORKS, YOU WILL STATE IT ON THE CONTRACT either as parts or untested.

Please note: If you leave your items here for over 30 days that is considered abandonment of property.  We will resell the items, we are not a storage facility & we need to keep the items moving for space on the floor for the next sale.  We also pay our sellers within the week of selling their item so we need to recoup the money.